This is just a memory course right ?

There is nothing wrong with memory courses  but we are much more .Philosophically we subscribe to a visual first approach . We provide a grounding in how to think through the M:O:A:T framework .We believe radical change begins at a fundamental level . That higher order thinking skills are built on the foundation of functional working memory . How we choose to internalize and store information is really, really important   .

Video ?

Add Me App – Video has turned Googles YouTube into the worlds second most popular search engine . To add me as an icon to your iPhone Home screen follow along with our brief video tutorial

Does memory really matter today ?

According to the academy of medical science just a 10% improvement in memory will result in significantly better SATS , A levels , College admission and Degree performance  across the board .

Been there done that ?

To those who it say it can’t be done we say – it has been done clinical tests have been beaten . IQ tests score have risen the results of supervised spectrum disorder tests have been reversed . Of course you can redesign the tests but In a real world the workaround works . It’s the tests that are flawed .

Is it Innovative ?

It is time for a new approach a grassroots revolution .An approach for the many not the few . We need to embrace active not passive learning , flipped classrooms and a visual first approach championed by Einstein . Our potential is evident in our ability to play chess . Our future lies with perceptual learning modules and video based instruction . Youtube, Vimeo , Immersive VR, AR and the Khan academy .

Vuja Da not Deja Vu What’s the difference ?

To those who say we have been down this road before .We say look again . Sometime all we have to do is view something familiar but from an entirely new perspective . Rather then emphasise speed and perfection we are interested in time and connection . The ability to hold onto more information for longer multiplies connection . To learn more about our simple approach and it’s advantages follow the link below to enrol in a free course

Listen to me I shall say this only once ?

Answer – Unless you are a statistical freak, an auditory savant, studies have shown  after 3 days  detailed recall slips to around 10% .Recall  increases to over 60%, only when you see or imagine . Source John Medina Source Alan Paivio [The Picture Superiority Effect ]

Time is money my friend ?

Within hours information will stop fading  . You will gain the  ability to switch your focus and concentration on and off .

Who cares about testing well

This is not a trick you are learning to learn more efficiently saving you time in the long run .

This is like a fad diet once you stop you are back to step 1

No. After 12 days an aptitude will be ingrained . When explicitly applied fundamental change in process that alters capability permanently

Will I have Rain Man like superpowers?

We are aiming to level up our user into the top 1% when it comes to functional working memory . Anything beyond that is down to natural aptitude and hard work .

The DS or Digit Span is just about remembering phone numbers

The numbers are a proxy the real test is ability to focus.

The normalized DS scores [the one test to rule them all]  correlate with education attainment levels , deviation and deterioration are early warning signs indicating potential   spectrum conditions adhd , dyslexia and early onset Alzheimer’s .

DS Results –  I would of , could of should of …  but I get bored I got distracted

It’s a feature not a bug . The ability to block out distraction while maintaining FOCUS for the 10 minutes or so it takes to complete the test is the test .

My memory is great why are you wasting my time with this ?

A few years ago I would have said the same but the truth is no ones memory is great .  Dunning and Kruger ran a study a few years ago To protect our ego . We are hardwired to overstate our abilities .  The truth is a curate’s egg is good in places . Can you remember instructions and directions  . Do you ever walk into a room and forgot why  . Have you ever  read a textbook or listened to a lecture zoned out and had to start over . Can you remember names faces dates . Did you ace every exam . Do you really remember what you learnt in school .Can you remember 100% of the last training course you attended.

My memory is not the problem?

A few years ago somebody asked me If your working memory is so exceptional what has been holding you back , I started to stumble , then backtrack , considered attacking my accuser then and only then did I start to think . My tip of the nose perspective . The idea that What You See Is All There Is {WYSIATI] had blinded me to a plausible explanation. What and who was I comparing myself to .

Terrible games -:) 

It’s not a game, it’s a game trainer . In normal auditory mode the DS is customizable computerised  clinical assessment application .

In training mode something else

Our belief once the foundational building blocks are in place in time

 we can reverse specific spectrum disorders  and slow down age related deterioration .

No exam, no certificates ?

It a lifelong practice , the one skill to rule them all

It doesn’t work

In 2% of the population a condition called Aphantasia  afflicts people and they are unable to construct mental imagery

This is ridiculous ?

Depends on your perspective . Our focus is outcomes . If you are able to hold onto more information for longer  you are  buying time for connection.

I understand, I get it, I don’t actually have to  score double 10 on the Digit Span do I ?

No , but at some point you will have to practice with  rapid feedback loops and the DS is great sandbox .

I don’t get the importance of working memory ?

The  Football Analogy . [not American  hand oval]    . You need to quickly get the ball under control  redistribute and move on . To make it in football you need a great first touch . To survive and thrive inside education, to get and keep a great job, to develop game changing ideas you need  a great working memory .

Smart Drugs are better right ?

No . Given clinical library like conditions, smart drugs are crushed  . Smart drugs real usp is that they prepare your mind to put a shift in .

I already have a great memory for numbers

Only numbers ? . Once you master the visual spatial sketch pad . Your days of cramming are over . You can recall anything you want . In any order you want . Over a much longer time frame .

When do I learn to count cards

With us you are not going to  explicitly learn how to remember names and faces or decks of card.

I have seen people count into decks of cards inside 2 minutes and remember them all  . I could never do that ?

maybe ,maybe not  you are a blank slate . Past success or failure is irrelevant  . Almost everyone however can  learn to rank inside the top 1 percent of the population when it comes to functional working memory .

Nobody likes the smartest kid in the class ?


This is the internet everything is free you just have to know where to look

Nothing is really free on the internet

I could do this myself ?

There is not much future in reinventing the wheel but if you want to try that is your choice .

This is just a memory course right

There is nothing wrong with memory courses but we are much more. How you internalize and store information is really, really important Higher order thinking skills depend on memory. We provide a grounding in how to think through the M:O:A:T framework.

Will I ever use what I have learnt?

If you are lucky enough to have a job or occupation that requires you to learn new skills, new information, then the answer is every single day .


Speed is over rated  . There is nothing wrong with slowing down and thinking. Over the medium and longer time frames.  you will be saving yourself a huge amount of time by building on solid foundations .


Learning to turn off an inner monologue is the key to directing attention


Your message needs to be  concise , simple and direct. Rather than learn your lines impose a clear structure and learn that .

Thinking like Einstein

Einstein was never the teachers pet ,his grades were appalling . so bad he was asked to leave his first school . The point is if you limit yourself you could be throttling your true potential . Language should not be the  only thinking tool in your mental toolbox . If you want to think differently you have to think differently .

The government and the establishment knows what it is doing

Our system has a built in flaw . If only we were all medium size height weight and build  , life would be  simpler.

Why is this course not more visual ?

Our free course is text based for assessment reasons – that is how the world is . Until technology catches up you will have to do the heavy lifting

IF I try this and fail everyone will laugh

The main barrier to new learning is emotional not intellectual . Nobody likes to feel stupid . The state of being grossly incompetent  and knowing it  is  a humbling experience . It makes no difference  first job , a company director wrestling with new technology , perhaps you are a  19 stone  marine . The only thing worse   is knowing that this state of affairs will persist indefinitely   !

Expertise takes 10000 hours so what is the point of starting anything new

 It takes 10000 Hours to become an expert but….according to research it only takes 20 hours or 45 minutes dedicated and productive practice each day for 1 month to get really good at something . Perfect is the enemy of better

Embracing Failure

… The Silicon valley mantra . Ever tried, ever failed, never mind, try again, fail again, fail better .  Einstein was always smart but he was no child prodigy .   Prodigies exhibit exceptional functional working memory . It does not matter how smart  . How high your IQ  . If  your functional working memory is not exceptional you   end up spinning your wheels .  Find out for yourself what happens when the wheels don’t spin . Adapt and overcome .

Is this for me ?

This course is for everybody . Young and old working or in full time education  . Memory is the universal key to unlocking potential  . Connections increase massively when  memory span and  span persistence is stretched over  a longer time frame  . Without connection, creative and conceptual leaps will not happen  unless you buy the  time to connect the dots.

Turning the Tables ? 

 Teaching plastic brains to think visually . Einstein’s simple,  ingenious  and practical solution to today’s problem of attention and capacity overload . ADHD , Dyslexia & slowing the progress of early onset Alzheimer’s [ nun study ]


We know from studies of London cab drivers who take and pass the knowledge that the brain can change, can rewire itself .

In visual [ bio hacking ] training mode  target long term plasticity using  cognitive reserve.  Our belief once the building blocks are in place in time

 we can reverse certain spectrum disorders  and slow down age related deterioration .