Set up this year our Einstein inspired idea is for those in ongoing education and work place training.


Originally created to address widespread Misuse, Abuse & Diversion of Prescription study drugs. 


Simple , Safe, Proven, Permanent & Drug free .


Our digital training targets attention and working memory creating a habitual effortless capability 


In just 3 hours we will show you. How you can make the system work for you .    Our practice has simplicity , utility and frequency of use.. We apply our practices each and everyday .To track markets , stay up to date with world affairs. Stay on top of the new new thing . Stay up to date and on top of  whatever you want .


Learning new skills from online courses, books and audio books is just a matter of finding the time . The impact on outcomes is material . Facilitating anywhere anytime learning .


When you are able to hang onto more information for longer you buy yourself the one thing smart drugs don’t give you . Time to make the connections you need to make .