When content persists you buy time in which to incubate consolidate and connect . Internalise more hang onto it for longer and you create more potential for  connection .   

Hello , I’m your founder, I’m your instructional designer . I’m your Subject Matter Expert .

Our course has been split or structured into three parts Engagement , Passive and Active .Our suite of courseware took almost a year to develop . In order to encourage user engagement access to our first course Engagement your taking it now  is free for everybody .

Our second course Executive function is passive  . This is where we outline our  proprietary M.O.A.T Framework Memory , Organisation , Analysis . Thinking  ..Our final course Bio Hacking contains active learning materials .Profiles , Practices , Exercises and Applications. 

Both courses are bundled together as Reading Strategies  . If you are anywhere on  the ADD , dyslexia spectrum or have a family history of early early onset Alzheimer’s we offer a 31 day no question money back guarantee  . The cost of $185 . Obviously is not sustainable representing less than one  half to one third of the cost of adult diagnosis in 2023 . 

Our Einstein inspired course  teaches a life long  practice not a subject .  Transformational not informational .. We seek only to cover our costs and the cost of  investing in  the future  .