Big Picture Not Detail

Puzzle thinkers . Completing a 1000 piece puzzle requires organisation , you start by categorising and classifying , you look for edges and corners . Unless you are masochist who likes doing things the hard way, the inefficient way you always, always look first at the big picture on the front of the box .

  • Context should be ever present it should compressed and visual like the the navigation tree inside our LMS
  • Requires an overview, a framework that ties everything together. Putting information in it’s larger context is essential . Without continual reference to how this information fits , details with be lost .
    Test scores will be poor , isolated facts and details forgotten .
  • Understanding can be all at once . Step by step instruction leads to a forest and a tree problem . To speed up the process , rather than marginalize moments of genius as distractions. Provide context and publish an outline preview online available anytime .When you remove  cognitive load  you  free up capacity  to engage in eureka moments .
  • Systems thinkers – grasp internalize concepts as whole with all the parts connected . Helicopter thinkers need to visualize the system . Isolated facts are assigned to short term memory then to the trash .
  • Pattern seekers – The hierarchical relationships between chunks of information are vital they bind the cognitive model into one context  one chunk and not many fragments .