Making Movies

Welcome to Making Movies a say what you see improvised presentations using the simple but powerful See Say Do Memory Hack . Our goal proof of concept . Our 20 minute live improvised  speech has no script  .We were prompted only by pre selected internal and external visual cues . Our speech required very little preparation and will persist in my memory for up to 6 months .    Our aim for this section to facilitate and democratise the generation of user generated video content. This means uniformity and affordability using tools that are widely available . To meet this obligation we will be uploading additional content to youtube.

me Studio . All of our videos are recorded live , unscripted and improvised using OBS studio and edited in post using Audacity & Screen-O-Matic.

Why just watch the revolution when you can be part of it . Reference material Carmine Gallo Talk Like TED .

LOok again there are 7 easter eggs embedded into the background .

Studio Equipment Iphone 6s & Iphone SE 2020 . The Papalook AF925 . Movo LV1 lavaliere microphone . Lighting > 90 Cri – 12 ” Ring Light on a 6 6″ Tripod with smartphone holder : Raleno Bank Light : USB angle poise desk lamp :1 Daylight Light bulb : Large Flexible Gorilla Tripod : 6.6″ Pop Up Green Green : Chroma Green Screen Material 2M * 4 M .:Recorded on HP pavilion notebook 32 bit win 10 OS 2.45 GB of available ram .We recommended 64 bit win 10 OS and at least 8gb ram .

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