5 Steps

This current suite of courses and courseware took almost a year to develop  .So why give away so much .We feel confident that our game changing IP and courses are in a class of their own. Early adoption benefits us so … if you are not afraid of hard work then you can download our ONE PAGE DIY GUIDE here . 

5 Proven Steps for better FOCUS, WORKING MEMORY & EFFICIENT TIME MANAGEMENT pdf format

In summary  determine if you learn best by  Seeing Doing or Listening .  Develop your memory and settle on a reading strategy that suits you . Simple .Our calculation we are convenient and we will save you an enormous amount of time .

The DIY option will add  weeks, months maybe years . If you are time poor it’s a false economy  but we still offer a choice that is how the modern online economy works . 


Somewhere out there is a cat that has been patiently waited for you to watch her latest video so we will make this quick . We get no support . No grant funding . We are completely independent and unfettered by vested interests . If you believe like us . That a visual first approach is the answer to so many questions. IF you support what we are trying achieve and would like see what happens when we scale .


You can support us by buying us a coffee through our Paypal Pay What You Want Page you could spread the word or get ahead of the curve and see what happens when you Take a Course and invest in yourself . We offer a 30 day money back guarantee . Otherwise thankyou for the time .