AI & uS

In 2022  chat GPT 4 launched and it  changed things , changed the  landscape . Every business has to address the AI elephant in the room  For us we see an explosion in demand for upskilling and retraining .  We are looking at introducing AI into our video and sound post production workflow and  for fun we are looking at a potential intergration with the Einstein chatbot after all we did  built our platform on his theory

Although AI can sometimes seem a little over hyped . It seems increasingly  likley now that AI in one form or another will disrupt the workplace over  the next few years and  in a fundamental way , especially for the  verbal thinkers, the wordsmiths   and the performers .

These are our  politicians, our spiritual leaders  , administrators  , teachers, lawyers , actors ,writers  , coders  ,  Those who work in the media , medicine and trading  .

We are likely to see a flight to quality with the middle class professions being squeezed  by  24/7  low cost increasingly high quaility automated alternatives .

At the same time we will   see an influx of new blood and money into the professions and careers dominated traditionally by the  visual thinkers and experimenters  . The  Innovators and inventors , product developers ,product designers ,directors , strategists , entrepreneurs , economists ,analysts , engineers , architects ,  digital artists, game designers  and  athletes