The 1 Billion Lives Study

Over the next few years the digital economy is set to transform how we interact with data and information . How we live and work is changing before our eyes . We need to build new platforms based around new more effective ways of thinking and learning .

By 2030 the world will  spend  500 billion on training and skills .1.4 trillion in the US alone on education   to rank 26th out of 37 countries in STEM subjects   and 2 trillion on Alzheimer’s . Despite the staggering numbers and disappointing real world outcomes  . It is not clear to us any real desire for radical root and branch reform exists .

Only better outcomes , clinically provable outcomes will  move the needle . We believe we can show demonstrably superior outcomes exist .

You can indirectly anonymously support this initiative by visiting our small donations Paypal Pay What You Want Page .# Need to contact us with an idea or investment proposal please Visit our contact page If you want to take part in our 1 billion lives study you can sign up at @ 1 Billion Lives Study The 1BL Study is open to clinical populations of all ages .