The 1 Billion Lives Study

a DOUBLE BLIND denotes a test or trial, in which any information which may influence the behaviour of the tester or the subject is withheld until after the test.

Over the next few years the digital economy is set to transform how we interact with data and information . How we live and work is changing before our eyes . We need to build new platforms based around new more effective ways of thinking and learning .

By 2030 the world will  spend  500 billion on training and skills .1.4 trillion in the US alone on education   to rank 26th out of 37 countries in STEM subjects   and 2 trillion on Alzheimer’s . Despite the staggering numbers and disappointing real world outcomes  . It is not clear to us any real desire for radical root and branch reform exists .

Only better outcomes , clinically provable outcomes will  move the needle . We believe we can show demonstrably superior outcomes exist .

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